Blackwater River Guitars

Larry Sakayama

I build custom guitars in my shop in Wirtz, VA. Self taught - finished my first guitar in October 2009.

I make only a few guitars a year, many being prototypes for guitars designed for clients. The prototypes are generally made from recycled/reclaimed wood. Beyond guitars, I've built a 6 string banjo, mountain dulcimers, small boats, and other stuff.

I'm a member of the Blue Ridge Luthiers, the Guild of American Luthiers, and the Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association.

I play in a band called the Panini Brothers - a bunch of great guys playing original music.

Canoe in Progress (June 2020)

Canoe Canoe

Completed Dulcimers - June 2012

dulcimer dulcimer

Instruments - completed and in-progress

Check back for updates on Instruments in-progress.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at:
I'd like to hear from you.