Tools - Pipe Clamp Vise

Pipe Clamp Vise

Pipe Clamp Vise - holding a guitar body

Pipe Clamp Vise

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Tools - Pipe Clamp Vise
With Mortise Template

I first saw a pipe Clamp Vise on Kathy Matsushita's Website (jigs page).

I originally attached it to my stationary workbench, but I kept getting jabbed with it because it stuck out from the workbench and I was too lazy to remove it.

I later modified it to attach to my "workmate" type device. It's easily removeable now (in one piece), so it's hard to be too lazy to do it. Just crank the workmate open and take it off.

In the photos in the left column you can see the vise in action.

Here you can see how it's made.

Left - you can see the end piece that extends below the others so the whole thing can be clamped onto the "workmate."

It's also built out to clear the narrow-side of the "workmate."

The carpet covered vise "jaws" are shown on the right.

Mortise Template

I made another clamping side fixture for the vise with a mortise router template. It replaces one of the original clamp sides.

In the photo in the left column you can see the completed mortise.