Tools - Neck Clamping Jig

Neck Jig

Neck Clamping Jig
in a pipe clamp vise

Blackwater River Guitars
Tools - Neck Clamping Jig
Holds a neck for shaping

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When shaping a neck shaft, I was always wrestling with getting the neck held steady while I chisled, carved, filed and sanded. After thinking a bit about what kind of clamping jig I would need, I came up with this.

The dimensions are listed below. If you build one of these, you may want to adjust the dimensions to the necks you build.

  • It is 1-5/8" wide, narrower than the finished neck, allowing complete access for shaping.
  • The shaft support part is 18" long, providing support for the attached fretboard.
  • The headstock support is 8" long and is attached as a 15 degree scarf joint (just like the necks I make).
  • It is attached to a 7" high vertical piece that will clamp into a vise.

I attached some non-skid shelf liner scraps to it with double sided tape.

Here it is in use in the bench vise.

Neck Jig Neck Jig

Modifications to the jig

  • Holes for additional clamping
  • Slots to accomodate the shafts from the vise. They allow the jig to sit lower in the vise.

Neck Jig Neck Jig