Tools - Miscellaneous

Shop Vac hose holder


After years of fumbling with ways to hold a shop vac hose near the work area, I made this.

The 10 minutes it took to make was easily made up on it's first day of use.

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Tools - Miscellaneous

Finger Planes

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Alan Dunwell explains how to make these cool little planes here: He got the idea from Mario Proulx and some books. It's a little tricky to set the blade depth but when you get it right nad have a sharp blade, they work well. Thanks, Mario and Alan.

Work Table from Gas Grill

Tools The top of our old gas grill disintegrated but the base was intact so I built a work table using the base.

Originally the table top had a 3" overhang all around that was great for clamping things down. I recently (July 2014) cut slots in the apron so that I could clamp things towards the center of the table. If you have a clamp with a long enough throat, you can clamp something down to almost any point on the table top.

I made the height of the table the same as my other workbenches and other tool surfaces. It can be used as an infeed or outfeed table for the table saw or thickness sander.