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Pop Screen

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Pop Screen

A Pop Screen (also called a pop filter) is a noise filter for a microphone to eliminate popping sounds from air hitting the mic. These sounds generally occur with "p" or "b" sounds that send fast moving air into the mic.

A quick check on-line brought up a ton of available products in a price range of $19 to $300 (ouch).

If you have the time, you can make one for a couple of bucks. Here's how I did it. I needed four of them to record the band.

The main part is a 6" embroidery hoop. I bought 10 of them for $10 which includes the shipping cost.

The other parts are a small block of wood, some wire, and an old stocking.

After trying out different types of wire, I ended up using the handles from a Chinese food take-out box. Using two twisted together provided the perfect stiffness for holding the filter in place and allowing some flexibility for adjustment.

The photo at the top of the left column shows the thing in action.

This photo (below left) shows the wooden mic stand clip, just a block of wood with a slot that fits over the mic stand. I drilled two small holes for the wires. In the picture you can see that I wrapped the mic stand tube in tape to get a good fit. It slides on to the taped tube and is held by friction. No clamps involved.

The last photo shows the wires attached to the hoop. I probably should have closed the loops on the wire ends, but it's holding fine.

Take out box Take out box