Music Stands

Bottle Feet

2011 Feb 01

Music Stand

Three Martinelli's Sparkling Cider Bottles form the feet for this music stand.

The shaft on the music holder fits into a Gallo wine bottle.

It was built with recyled wood and paint - and I reused the music holder from the music stand that disintegrated (Music Stand #1).

With 4 bottles, this thing is pretty heavy.

Combo Music Stand/Guitar Stand

Music-Guitar Stand

Blackwater River Guitars
Music Stands

Many of the things below are made from scrap wood and other recycled materials.

Landscape Lights and Piano Frame

2012 September 18

This was made from defunct low voltage landscape lights and wood from an old piano frame.

It also required some threaded rod, nuts, washers, and some paint.

Music Stand

Triangle Motif

2010 Dec 01

This music stand is also made from recycled pre-primed, interior trim wood with the primer removed.

This one has a triangle motif and had some minimal design effort.

Music Stand

Trapped Wine Bottle

2010 Sep 01

My second music stand, made from recycled pre-primed, interior trim wood, but this time used screws rather than glue.

Also just built, rather than designed. I built a base and then started stacking stuff on top of it. The music holder has a shaft that fits into a wine bottle.

It's painted with leftover interior and exterior wall and trim paint.

Music Stand

Disintegrated - 1st Music Stand

2010 May 20

Here's my first music stand, made from recycled pre-primed, interior trim wood.

It wasn't really designed, it was simply built up, ensuring that the center of gravity would keep it stable at full height with the weight of a book on it.

It disintegrated because glue joints on primer don't work very well. I did a glue joint test that worked pretty well but it didn't hold up.

I recycled the top part (music holder) on a different stand (at left).

Music Stand