Kayak 001 -
Great Auk

Fill Holes - Dec 20, 2012

When the hull is fully stripped, sand smooth and fair. Then fill the holes with epoxy thickened with sawdust to match the color of the surrounding wood.


Epoxy Supplies


Fiberglass with resin - Dec 29, 2012


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Kayak 001 - Great Auk - Glassing the Hull

Prep for Glassing the Hull

After the holes are filled (photo left), sand smooth, then seal with coat of epoxy resin.

Hull Hull

Lay Out the Fiberglass Cloth - Dec 28, 2012

Lay the cloth on the hull (on the bias is best), smooth it out, and trim to fit with a little overhang.

Hull Hull

Apply Resin to the Fiberglass

Wet out the cloth with the resin and spread it around (I used old credit cards) until the cloth is uniformly saturated. There should be no puddles of resin and no white areas (indicating that the fiberglass is not fully covered). The following day, another coat of resin was applied to fill the weave of the cloth.

Hull Hull

Photo left: Exterior of hull with fiberglass and resin completed. The inside of the hull will be done later.

Next up: Glassing the Deck