Dulcimer 003


Dulcimer with top from 2x4

Spec Sheet

Image: Dulcimer

Dulcimers - almost twins

Blackwater River Guitars
Dulcimer 003

Custom Built for Gary Montgomery

Gary Montgomery, a local cabinetmaker, built some great custom cabinets for our home. He has been kind enough to let me go through his scrap bin for wood I can use in instrument building. The walnut for this dulcimer and for Dulcimer #004 came from Gary's shop.

Like Dulcimer #004, all of the wood was recycled from other sources.

The Recyled Parts

  • Top -
    From a 2x4 leftover from the construction of my workshop.
  • Back and sides -
    Walnut cast offs from Gary Montgomery's cabinet shop.
  • Peghead -
    More walnut from Gary's cabinet shop. The oak center piece is from an old stairway railing from our house.
  • Rosette -
    More walnut from Gary's cabinet shop.
  • Binding -
    In making guitar #007, I broke a bunch of pieces of maple binding while bending them to fit the cutaway. The shorter spans of the dulcimer's side segments allowed me to rescue these for use as the top bindings. The back bindings are from maple leftover from interior finish work that architect and builder, Chip Conway, gave me. Learn more about Chip.
  • String pins -
    From and old piano - See more about this piano.
  • Nut -
    A piece of composite kitchen counter top material.
  • Bridge -
    Maple from Chip Conway and a rosewood scrap trimmed from a guitar side.