Dulcimer 002

Image: Dulcimer

Cedar Strip Top, Dulcimer

Blackwater River Guitars
Dulcimer 002

This is a Mountain Dulcimer in a non-traditional shape.

Except for the hardware and purfling, it was made from wood left over from other projects.

  • Top:  Cedar strips left over from building a strip-built canoe. 
  • Back and sides: Walnut that a friend was going to feed to his fireplace because it was splitting all over the place - basically falling apart. I rescued it by working an epoxy-charcoal mix into all the cracks using a credit card as a squeegee.  
  • Peghead: A piece of cherry sandwiched between two pieces of walnut - all from pallet wood. 
  • Fretboard:  Walnut (not sure where it came from).
  • End block - Scraps of oak and cherry.
  • Bindings:  Thin strips of basswood - cutoffs from pieces used to make guitar linings. 
  • Nut and Bridge:  Composite counter top material (like Dupont's Corian)
  • Bracing and linings (inside - not visible):  Cedar, left over from the canoe.
  • The hardware (tuners, strings, frets, string pins) was purchased.
  • The purfling (decorative thin lines adjacent to the bindings on the sides) was also purchased.