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Seat and Paddles

Making the Paddles

Paddles Paddles Paddles

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Strip Built Cedar Canoe (#001):
Page 7: Seat and Paddles

The Seat

The seat is made from ash and assembled with mortise and tenon joints.

The caning material is plastic so it won't be destroyed if it gets wet.

Seat Seat

Seat Seat


I made the paddles out of some scrap pine and cedar. The pine had some knots which can reduce the strength of the paddle shafts so it is generally frowned upon for paddle making.

I intended these to be prototypes for the real paddles that I would make later with better materials. But, since I've been using these paddles for over 5 years without any problems, I never made any out of knot-free wood.

The blades are covered with fiberglass and epoxy with extra reinforcement on the ends of the blades. The blades were then varnished. The paddle shafts (the parts that you hold) were coated with linseed oil.

Paddles Paddles Paddles

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