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Painter Hole

Blackwater River Guitars

Strip Built Cedar Canoe (#001):
Page 5: Painter Hole

A painter is a rope attached to the bow or stern of a boat for tying it up.

To attach a painter, I created some holes through the hull.

Some of the books suggested using PVC pipe for the painter hole but I thought PVC was a disservice to the wooden hull. I used piece of oak from a paint roller handle instead. (The "paint" in painter hole and paint roller are unrelated and coincidental.)

First, I used some scrap wood to support the inside of the hull where the hole would be drilled, then drilled the hole using a spade bit.

Then cut a piece of the paint roller handle and drilled a hole lengthwise through the center using a brad point bit.

I used a mixture of epoxy and sawdust to glue in the piece of oak, then sanded everything smooth.

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